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Flemish Giants For Sale
Please read our Policies page before contacting us about buying a rabbit. Most of the information you need to know is on our website. Check out our FAQ page as well for additional info. Thank you!!
Please note, we do not spay or neuter our rabbits - it is very expensive and not necessary, so we leave that up to the buyer. All buns are started on litterbox training and currently live in an outdoor hutch or in the barn. They adjust well to either indoor or outdoor living spaces.

For information on Flemish Giants For Sale, please email us at Due to our busy schedules working full time on top of running a farm, we don't often have time to update the website. Our Facebook and Instagram pages, however, are a great way to stay updated with pictures/rabbitry updates and show wins/availability. Search for and follow: Michigan Giants & Lions on Facebook and Instagram!
We are located in Dundee, MI, about 30 min south of Ann Arbor, MI and 25 min north of Toledo, OH.
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