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Please read before asking about buying a rabbit. Policies are non-negotiable for the protection of our rabbits and our family. If you have questions feel free to ask. We reserve the right to deny a sale at any time if we feel a buyer is not the right fit for our rabbit. We DO NOT allow people to "come play" with our rabbits, nor do we allow people to visit our rabbitry. This is for the health and safety of our rabbits and our family! I have no problems sending pictures or videos upon request. If you are trying to decide if a breed is right for you, or if you want to see our rabbits in person before buying, we suggest you visit a rabbit show! There will be multiple breeds there to compare and lots of breeders to talk to for information. Message us to see which shows we will be attending. There is a listing of ARBA show dates and locations on the ARBA Show Lookup website.

Our priority is to raise healthy, happy rabbits with friendly, outgoing temperaments that meet the ARBA Standard of Perfection. Rabbits are guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale - I will never sell a rabbit that is showing signs of illness. It is the buyer's responsibility to check over the rabbit upon pickup. Rabbits can be very sensitive to environment changes and stress, and because of this we do not take responsibility for anything that happens to the rabbit once it leaves our care. Buyer accepts responsibility for the health and care of the rabbit from the time of pickup forward. Michigan Giants & Lions is not responsible for any costs you may incur for any reason once the rabbit leaves our care.
All sales are final, no refunds. If you no longer wish to own your rabbit from us, Michigan Giants & Lions reserves the FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL to buy back any rabbit we sold with a pedigree at a price that reflects the current quality of the rabbit.
While we are usually very accurate with determining the sex of baby buns, sexing of young rabbits can not be 100% guaranteed.

Baby rabbits are not allowed to leave mom until 8 weeks old at the earliest, NO EXCEPTIONS. Flemish Giants and Continental Giants do not leave before the age of 12 weeks. If we have multiple babies available at the same time, you may get to choose your bunny at pickup. We try to schedule pickup times in order of deposits received if possible.
Show vs Brood vs Pet Quality
We breed rabbits primarily for show, but you can breed two Grand Champions and still end up with pet quality rabbits in a litter. Because of this, we often have both Show and Pet Quality buns available.

Show quality rabbits come with an ear tattoo and pedigree; pet quality rabbits have neither. Show quality just means that to the breeder’s knowledge, the rabbit is free of disqualifications at the time of sale. We do our best to make sure all rabbits sold as show quality are expected to be competitive on the show table. Rabbits can develop faults or disqualifications as they mature, so performance in shows can never be guaranteed. This is a risk all breeders encounter, and Michigan Giants & Lions is not responsible for any faults or disqualifications developed after time of sale. However, if you do decide to show our rabbits, please let us know how they do! Good or bad, we are always trying to improve our lines, so any feedback is always helpful!

Brood Quality rabbits are rabbits that may not be expected to do well on the show table, are past their show prime, or have a show fault or DQ that is not genetic, but would still make good breeding rabbits and produce potential show quality offspring. Brood rabbits come with a pedigree.  

Pet Quality rabbits are rabbits that are not expected to do well on a show table, or who should not be bred for whatever reason, but that are still healthy and can be expected to live a happy, full life in a pet home. DO NOT buy a pet quality rabbit from us if you plan to breed. If you think there is even the slightest chance you may want to breed in the future, you need to do the responsible thing and get a rabbit that is fit for breeding and passing on genetics. ALL pet quality rabbits are sold under a "No breeding" contract signed by the buyer at purchase.

Please note, rabbits sold at 8-12 weeks old will rarely be sent with a pedigree. Pedigrees are only sent with rabbits who exhibit good show potential, and 8-12 weeks is too early to determine show quality. If you are truly looking for a show quality rabbit, we suggest waiting for an older rabbit that has had time to develop (at least 12-14 weeks for lionheads, and 4-6 months or older for Flemish Giants). We do sell older pedigreed show rabbits occasionally throughout the year.
Buying/Reserving a Rabbit
If you would like to purchase a rabbit from us or have questions, just let us know! We NO LONGER DO A WAITLIST for multiple reasons. Rabbits are first come, first served in order of deposits recieved. I will not reserve or hold a rabbit for anyone without a deposit. We do reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone if we feel that it will not be a good fit for our rabbit.

Once reserved, rabbits must be picked up in a timely manner. If a rabbit can not be picked up within one week (7 days) from the time they are ready to leave us, we require payment in-full to hold. If payment in-full is not received before the 7 days are up, your rabbit will become available again and you will lose your deposit. We always send out pickup date and time options before you place your deposit. Please make sure you can meet us on those days before placing your deposit. Even with full payment, we cannot hold rabbits indefinitely. If for any reason you cannot pick up your rabbit within 14 days of them being ready to leave us even after full payment is received, we do require a $1 per day fee on small breed rabbits and $2 per day fee on giant rabbits to hold them after the 14 days is up, which goes toward the cost of feed, housing and care.

No-shows or last minute cancellations on pickup days will also result in loss of your deposit and the rabbit will be available again. You MUST pick a time to meet with us before the day of pickup and stick to it!! We are busy people, we don't have time to be waiting around all day to see when you decide you can make it. We understand that emergencies happen, and if you need to adjust pickup times make sure you let us know as soon as possible and we can try to work with you. Please just be aware that we both have full-time jobs on top of running a farm, so our schedules are not always flexible. Our time is valuable and we ask that you simply be respectful of that.

Prices of our rabbits are determined based on breed, pet vs show quality, lines in the pedigree, proven vs not, and quality of the rabbit. Prices are non-negotiable. We do offer discounts to youth who are looking for a show quality rabbit for 4H.

Flemish Giants start at $80 for pet quality rabbits. Pets don't come with pedigrees, but you are still getting a healthy, purebred Flemish Giant with an excellent temperament out of pedigreed show quality parents. Show quality Flemish Giants range from $125-300+ depending on quality, lines, and whether or not they are proven breeders.

Continental Giants start at $200-$250 for pet quality/no pedigree. Pedigreed Continentals range from $300-600 depending on variety, lineage, size, quality and whether or not they are proven breeders.

Lionheads range from $25-50 for pets, depending on variety. While I don't sell pets with pedigrees, all pet quality Lionheads are purebred from pedigreed parents. Show quality Lionheads range from $50-150+ depending on quality, lines, and whether or not they are proven breeders.

Please note that a pedigreed rabbit is still the same quality regardless of if you want the pedigree or not. I don't give discounts on pedigreed rabbits just because you don't want the pedigree. That rabbit is pedigreed and priced accordingly for a reason; those reasons don't change based on your intentions for the rabbit.
Placing a Deposit
Deposits are half the total price of the rabbit. The remainder of payment must be made either in cash at pickup (NO CHECKS) or via Paypal prior to pickup.

Deposits are placed via Paypal or occasionally we can accept Venmo or Cashapp. We do NOT accept checks or mailed forms of payment, as it takes too long to get to us and it's not fair for us to hold a rabbit indefinitely waiting to receive mail when there are people who are willing to put down a deposit same-day. Don't have a Paypal account? It's ok, you don't need one :) We can send you a secure link or invoice to pay directly through Paypal with your credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. We don't see any of your banking info, and you don't see any of ours!

Deposits are non-refundable, except in the event that we cannot provide you with the originally agreed upon rabbit. In that case, we can either refund your deposit or allocate it towards a future litter (Just note: we cannot guarantee the timing of future litters or that the same sex you originally wanted will be available).

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT UPON YOURSELF TO LOOK UP OUR PAYPAL EMAIL AND SEND US A DEPOSIT WITHOUT CONFIRMING THAT WE HAVE A RABBIT AVAILABLE FOR YOU!! Just because we post something available does not mean it's automatically yours if you send a deposit. I usually receive multiple messages at once when we post something available, & rabbits are first come, first served in that situation. You MUST check in with us before sending money if you want to receive a rabbit in return!

We are located in Dundee, MI, about 30 min south of Ann Arbor, MI and 25 min north of Toledo, OH.
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